Make Service Principal visible as Enterprise App in the Azure Portal

I recently came across an issue at a customer when implementing SSO using Azure AD with a 3rd party application (in this case on-premises Dynamics NAV), having a Service Principal, but no corresponding application listed in the Azure portal.

They used the PowerShell script that ships with NAV to register it in Azure AD for SSO. In this case, the script only created a ServicePrincipal in Azure AD, thus the application was not visible neither under “Registered Applications” nor under “Enterprise Applications” in the Azure Portal. This means it was also not possible to assign users and groups to the application through the portal, which is not nice.

I found out that you can make the Service Principal visible in the portal by assigning a specific tag, which does all the magic. Sign in via Azure PowerShell and you are good to go:

Set-AzureADServicePrincipal -ObjectId "21fe0292-6104-4437-bab6-85069936eb38" -Tags @("WindowsAzureActiveDirectoryIntegratedApp")

After this you will be able to see the application in the Azure Portal, and control who can access it by assigning users to it.


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